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Transforming the UK into the
Global Leader in Cannabinoid R&D

Professor Trevor Jones CBE FMed Sci
George Freeman MP
Zack Bellman


Positioned at the heart of the life sciences sector, the Cannabinoid Research & Development Group UK is a new research strategy group led by academics, researchers, clinicians, patients and industry. 

The group will propel scientific research and development of pharmaceutical cannabinoid-related products in the UK.

Our ambition is to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to transform the UK into the global leader in cannabinoid research and medicine development. 

We will build a robust ecosystem by integrating universities, research institutions, investors, businesses, and the NHS – driving innovation and development, nurturing top talent and fostering advances in healthcare.

Going for Growth George Freeman MP
George Freeman MP at CRDG's Going for Growth launch event, The Royal Society of Medicine, London

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